Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Toledo Zoo - Part 2

After leaving the African safari, we headed to the Reptile house.
A Snake-necked Turtle

A Rainbow Agama

The boys had fun sitting on daddy's shoulders.

The alligator, that Asa matter of factly informed us was to big for our house.

and the Tortoises that were nesting, we were also informed were to large for our house.

Then it was off to see more animals when we came across these really neat masks. The boys enjoyed running around trying on the different animal masks. So cute to watch.

We headed to see the Leopards next but they were not positioned to get any good shots of them, so we headed to the aquarium instead. The boys really liked checking out the fish. Looking at this picture below, if I didn't know better I would almost think I had photoshopped it. Although I don't do that for this blog. The only editting I might do for this blog is cropping the image but this one here is straight out of the camera.

Eli checking out the Goramy.

Asa really liked the sharks.

Giant Crabs

A Unicorn fish and I was always told unicorns didn't exist.

And the Lion Fish.

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