Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saginaw Children's Zoo Trip 3 - Part 1

In order to help cheer up Asa, we let him choose what we went to do on Saturday, July 25th. Asa decided he wanted to "see anmals" so off to the children's zoo we went.

The first thing Asa really notices is the train.

Today the eagle was in the bottom of the exhibit. How often does one get to see an eagle from above. I was so excited and I even got images with the wings spread.

How old is this tree? Look how gnarled it is.

A butterfly that has just come out of its cocoon.

The cockatoo in the cage at the end of the butterfly house.

A peachick in the flowerbed behind the koi pond.

I have a fascination with the cows at the zoo for some reason. I just think they really are beautiful creatures.

Although I have to say the way this one is laying does not look comfortable at all.

The turtle was an excellent subject this day.

I think this has to be one of my favorite colors of lillies.

Asa and Eli having a snack. I can't get enough of these guys, they really are my world right now.

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