Thursday, August 20, 2009

Potter Park Zoo Trip 2 - Part 3

More flowers.




Squirrels got to eat too.


Elephant statue.

Flowers in the butterfly flower garden.

The bacterian camels, mom was making a fuss because the baby had to be removed and placed in quarantine while an injury healed.

The sign posted about the baby camel. I have since found out that the camel injured itself on a protruding bolt that has now been removed.

More flowers.

Asa and Eli in front of the giraffe statues that were at the front of the zoo but have since been moved since this trip.

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Stacy said...

When we went there a few weeks ago with Susan and her boys, Susan's sis in law (who is the vet on staff there) gave us some behind the scenes tours - it was way cool! She told us that the baby camel was injured because the daddy camel bit it; she had done surgery on it. Sounds like it's taking quite a while to heal...poor little guy!