Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potter Park Zoo Trip 3 - Members event night

How cool is it to see a porcupine up so close.

And then to see it stand on two legs as well, really cool.

The camels are back together again and gracious enough to let me take a family portrait. It was on this night (8/12) that we were told by two different worker/volunteers that the baby had injured itself on a bolt in the pen.

Okay so baby is facing the wrong way but at least they were close enough to get all three in one pic.

Over to see the llamas. Asa kept calling them goats. I corrected him. Asa then responds "yeah, llama goat and daddy goat" talk about laughing out loud. It was so cute and funny.


Feeding the ducks in the pond.

Eli and dada checking out the penguins up close in the penguin exhibit.

One of the penguins posing.

And more penguin gawking.

Asa and Trisha in the penguin exhibit.

Finally figured out settings for my camera to work in the reptile/bird house.
A Chinese Water Dragon.

My boys checking out the turtles.

A Kookaburra (Kingfisher).

A snake on exhibit.

The snow leopards.

They had free pony rides and it's a good thing the rides were free.
Eli got as close as sitting down on the pony. This is the only shot I got as Chris was taking him off the pony.

Now it's Asa's turn.

Nope Asa wouldn't ride either.

Up close with an owl.

The boys checking out things just before we were ready to leave.

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Garden Lily said...

I won't have expected a porcupine to stand up like that. Cool photo.