Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spending time with Cousins - Part 1

Ughh!!! 3 months behind. Anyway I'm going to work on getting caught up. Shouldn't be too bad now that school has started and I now have time without kids. So for now let's go back in time...

The beginning of June we took the boys out to Crossroads Village and met up with my sisters and their families. The first part of the day my boys and my oldest sister's kids did crafts and they got to meet Clifford.

We then headed to the next area which was a bubble station. They had a kiddie pool filled with bubbles and let the kids play.

We then ventured into one of the stores and the kids were fascinated with all the trains and other toys inside.

Next we headed over to the gazebo where the kids played with hula-hoops. This is also the point where my youngest sister's family met up with us.

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