Saturday, September 24, 2011

48-hr EEG

On the first Monday in June, we took Eli down to have a 48 hour EEG done. He is such a trooper. Just sat back and let them hook him up. Here he is with daddy heading back to the car.

We stopped to eat at Arby's on the way home as we had been rerouted due to an overturned semi on the highway.

We got home and other than being "plugged in" as Asa said he was just like normal. Thankfully Drew came over to help install our air conditioners in the windows since this week was one of the hottest of the summer. Doesn't bode well with the instructions of not sweating. Luckily crisis was averted.

On Wednesday, all of us went to have Eli unplugged. Afterwards we let the boys play in the waiting room.

Poor Eli has inherited my metal sensitivity. He had a rash everywhere a node had been placed on his head.

*test results showed no seizure activity so our next step is a tonsillectomy to help with the sleep apnea.

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