Friday, September 9, 2011

Spending time with Cousins - Part 4

After the rides, we headed over to let the boys ride the big train. Also at this time my oldest sister's family left to head home since they had a few other things planned to do this day.

We searched and found the train car the boys were riding in and I snapped a few pictures of them while we waited for the train to leave.

And there they go to enjoy the train ride.

While the boys rode the train, my youngest sister and I went to let the girls ride the carousel.

After the girls finished riding the carousel, we headed up to try to catch the train pulling back into the station. My sister took the next two pictures as she ran up to catch the train pulling in.

We spent a little more time looking around.

Before heading home we tried to pose the boys on the caboose. I'll be so happy when they start to pose for me again.

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