Friday, February 19, 2010

KHS 2009 Homecoming Parade

Asa and Eli waiting for the parade to start.

The Marching band goes by - figured video would better portray them than a picture would.

Freshman float.

I only took pictures of the Homecoming Princesses that were willing to brave the rainy weather.

Sophmore Float.

Junior Float.

I actually know the driver of the truck. His dad used to be the pastor at one of the sister churches to my church.

The youth cheerleaders and football players. I can't think of what their official name is right now but I thought they were cute.

Senior float.

Two more of the Homecoming Court Princesses. I like how the girl in the orange dress coordinates with the car.

Asa and Eli are just chilling out watching the parade.

The parade is coming to an end.

Eli is not too keen on the noise of the firetruck.

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