Friday, February 12, 2010

Audrianna's Fifth Birthday

Audrianna starting to open her gifts.

Skylar and Claudia waiting and watching.

Audrianna and Claudia together.

Gabby-girl looking cute.

Nicholas eating a cookie.

Opening the cards.

Serving the cakes.

Alaina-loo looking adorable as ever.

Claudia eating her cupcake with the gummy worm.

Asa and Eli playing in the sand box on the "playground" as Asa calls it.

I think something isn't quite right with this attempt at riding the car, what do you think?

Alivia being a stinker.

Asa thought his little badge was the greatest thing.

Eli looking cute even with his eye patch on.

Josiah was napping but can you guess the first place he headed to before he ate his cupcake?

I'm disappointed though because I realized I didn't get a picture of Jadon.

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