Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tyler's Baptism

On May 2, our nephew Tyler was baptized. The whole family was there. The service that day was dedicated to the SDA school and the children all performed wonderfully.

Here we have Tyler answering questions affirming that he understood what baptism is about.
Tyler and the pastor in the baptistery.

Just before he was baptized.
After he was brought back out of the water.
Prayer after Tyler was baptized.
The children playing the hand bells. Molly is right in front of me. I didn't get a picture of Tyler playing because well the song was shorter than I was expecting it to be.

Here the children are singing one of the many songs that they sang.

Molly telling the main Bible story that the sermonette was about. She and Tyler worked together.
Tyler explaining the Bible story and what lesson it held for us to learn.
The Certificate of Baptism being given to Tyler. Not that he needs a piece of paper to say that he was baptized but it is nice to have as a reminder of such a wonderful day.

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