Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rained Out

So we tried to go on a nature walk yesterday. I was hoping to get lots of photos. Well the weather decided differently. We got to our destination and got all ready to start our walk and then the little raindrops started. We hemmed and hawed decided it look like we were catching the outer edge of the storm, so we ventured to start walking. We got around to the other side of the visitor center and to the start of the trails when we started to feel some larger drops. So we decided that we needed to head back. Chris noticed a covered patio area so we headed over there and it is a good thing that we did.About the time we got there it started down pouring. We would have only been half way back to the van at this point. We sat there until it let up (about ten minutes or so). When it stopped we decided that we shouldn't chance it and headed back to the van.I did however get about forty pics of the flowers and the log home near the start of the trail. So the picture taking wasn't a total bust. And on the bright side, we did get to spend a few hours with my uncle who lives in the Grand Ledge area. Always a nice thing to get to spend time with family.

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Sandpiper said...

A good post! I've had a few outings like that, too, recently. Better to protect your camera. I like your irises with the raindrops. They're such a pretty color.

Looking down your blog, Asa and Eli are precious!