Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today's Activities

Well we went to have our taxes done, and things went well. We don't have to pay and are actually getting some money back. Having kids is nice because of that. After getting our taxes done, we headed to the Chippewa Nature Center. We spent two hours there and had a really nice time. Asa enjoyed being able to run around and inspect all of the different things there was to investigate. He also really enjoyed watching the critters in the bird watching area. I was a bit disappointed because the wild turkeys didn't show up while we were there. They are one of my favorite things to see. I also wished that it was a bit warmer so we could have walked around some outside but with two small babies it just wasn't feasible. I will try to post some of the pictures that I took while there (I took over a hundred). I am so glad that I switched to digital, so that I am able to just keep snapping picture after picture. Well this is all for now.

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