Thursday, March 20, 2008

Something to be happy about

Well not much has happened the last couple days. One bright spot was last night on my way home from church, I decided to stop at Taco Bell and get some dinner. Well it was an interesting time. I pull into drive thru and there are two vehicles in front of me a car and a truck. The car finishes their order and the truck doesn't move. The van behind me honks once waits a minute or two and honks again. A few seconds later the truck moves only they don't stop to give an order they pull up behind the car at the window and wait. Well I pull up give my order and proceed like normal. The car gets their order and pulls away, the truck then stops at the window pays and gets my order, then drives away. I pull up to the window and say I think you just gave my order to that truck because he never stopped and actually ordered. The poor guy at the drive thru window was totally rattled. This was a first for him. So needless to say, I ended up getting my food for free. I was ready to pay for the food, had the money out and ready to give him and everything. He just promoed off my order. It was a pleasant surprise for me. So I guess I should say thanks to the drunk in front of me who never ordered but proceeded, paid and took my order. I hope he liked what he got. Thanks.

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