Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Aunt Goes Skydiving!

So my aunt decided that she wanted to go skydiving for her 50th birthday. The opportunity arose a few months early when she and her friend were able to jump. She called and asked if I'd be willing to tag along and take pictures of her, I willingly agreed. Here is a survey of the land. The tiny little airport and the plane they were going up in.

They were given a little instructional before signing their lives away.

Her friend went first. Exciting to watch and gave me opportunity to practice shooting before my aunt actually jumped.

Now it was my aunt's turn. (she'd probably kill me to know I posted these pics but I love them.)

While the chute was being repacked my aunt's friend's little girl was given a tour of the cockpit.

Time to go!

And she's off the ground!

First we heard screaming and then we could see the plane overhead!

She loved it! Afterwards we went to lunch and had a real nice time!

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