Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frankenmuth Fireworks - July 3, 2011

To continue with family tradition, we headed to Frankenmuth for the Fourth of July Fireworks. We got there early so we could make a stop by the Popcorn Wagon for some of their yummy popcorn.

My boys favorite thing right now is to pose in all of the little cut-outs.

We arrived in time to watch a batch of fudge being made. We also ran into Trisha and her friend as well as Aunt Vickie, Faith and Theresa. Trisha and Whitnei joined us and watched the process of fudge cooling.

I even snuck outside and got pictures of them all watching the fudge cooling.

Back inside.

After watching the fudge, we walked around some more and of course the boys wanted more photo ops.

We then drove over to the field where we traditionally park. We set up camp and enjoyed time with family while waiting for fireworks to begin.

It's getting dark and the sunset was beautiful! While waiting somebody nearby let off one of those candle hot air balloon things. The kids loved watching it.

Then it was time for the fireworks to begin. Frankenmuth did an awesome display as usual.

After the display we did our usual visiting and what not while we waited for the traffic to clear before heading home.

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