Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let the Nature Walks Begin

For-Mar Nature Preserve is one of our favorite places to walk. A nice thing about it is how close we live so that means we go more often.

Asa and Eli like to spend time in the visitor exploring and playing.

These first three pictures were taken by Chris. We finally got him a small point and shoot and he's enjoying it.

I was over in the bird watching area and this woodpecker kept flying up onto the side of the building, next he'd fly over to the bush, and then he'd fly into the window. I watched him do this 5 or 6 times before he finally flew off into the trees.

Then we headed out on a walk along the trails. We started on the usual path toward the ground water ponds.

Then we headed over the "shake, shake" bridge and walked along the sugar bush trail over to the new bridge. It's so nice to have check points 25 and 26 connected.

Chris even took a self portrait of himself with Eli on his shoulders.

They really do do well on our walks. I love that they enjoy being out there exploring their world.

Then in an attempt to get some shots of the boys we stopped by one of my favorite trees.

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