Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Boys' turn 3 and 2

We started our night with a taco bar. Yumm - tacos.
Asa being fed his food.

Poor Eli looks lonely, I had planned for Asa to sit over here to but he wanted to sit by Papa Tony.

After dinner, it was time for cake. Asa chose a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and Eli, well, he didn't get a choice, had a dairy free chocolate brownie cake. I was told it tasted good. And I believe it because it was gone by the time I got around to getting myself some cake.

Time to eat the cakes.

Time to eat the plate???? (Actually I got a shot like this for Eli's first birthday I'm curious if he will do it again at future birthdays)

Can we say "Monkey see, Monkey do." Although I thought it was supposed to be the younger copying the older not the other way around.

Time to open gifts. Chris decided to have each one open his gifts separately so we started with the oldest, Asa.

And then it was Eli's turn.

Eli opening his gift from mom and dad.

Asa with his gift from mom and dad well at least the Thomas part.

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