Saturday, July 5, 2008

Updated Pictures of Eli

Okay so I realized that I haven't really posted any pictures of just Eli lately, so I thought I would take the opportunity now.

Here we have Eli in his first big boy bath. He actually liked getting a bath instead of the fussing that he did before we took him out of the baby seat that we used for baths in the kitchen sink.

Play time with daddy. One of the few opportunities when Asa is asleep and daddy is awake, and full attention can be doted on Eli.

Eli sporting his cool dude sun glasses.

I think these are among my favorite pictures that I have of Eli to date. I love the look on his face where he is looking into papa Tony's sunglasses. And then the image of the two of them with their glasses on the same way. So wonderfully adorable.


Jo, a retired teacher said...

Beautiful boy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. There are lots of teachers--current and past--out here in cyberspace. We must still have lots of stuff we want to say.

Come back anytime.

david mcmahon said...

He looks cool with his sunglasses on!

For The People said...

He is so cute. I had my grandkids over this weekend for four days. They are 5 and 7. We had a blast that included two firework shows, a ballon glow, riding horses several times and lots of swimming! I am tired!!! Glad to be back at work! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have had a crazy weekend. I really apreciate you support and readership of my place.