Monday, July 7, 2008

Not much going on here

We haven't really done much this past week. Just kind of chilled out at home. We didn't even get to go see fireworks this year. The display we wanted to go to was on Thursday night and with Chris having to work we didn't think we would be back in time for that. Then Friday we realized we really didn't have the extra to spend on gas to go anywhere so we watched the local networks broadcast of a few area displays. It was good because Eli was able to go to bed like normal and Asa got to watch with mom and dad. Although when someone in the neighborhood let off some that were really loud, he did not like those and he came running over to me. Anyway, I was able to take some pictures of Asa and daddy playing with the blocks. They both enjoyed the process of stacking them up and then knocking them over. Hopefully I'll have the video put up either tonight or tomorrow.

When everything was said and done Asa laid down next to Eli and read him a book. I have a really advanced child. (Big grin and chuckling heard in the background.)


Gretchen said...

How sweet! I love the photo of Asa reading to Eli! That's priceless.

Reader Wil said...

I love the last one very much for 37 years ago I took just the same photo of my daughters one was 4 years old and fond of reading and being read to, the baby listened dutifully to what her " big"sister had to tell!
Thanks for the visit.