Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trip to Alabama

Well our trip down to Alabama for my (Christy's) Gran-granny's funeral went well. Asa and Eli both did really good on the ride down. Eli better than Asa, Eli was content as long as he was fed and changed and taken out of the carrier when we were stopped. Asa did very well; although, he did get a bit fussy in the mountains. I think he was having the same complications as me with his ears popping. I know I don't enjoy it and I understand what is happening, but how do you explain it to a sixteen month old. Obviously, you don't. You just have to try and content them and we did our best. We tried to stop places where he could get out and run. It helped that we were traveling with my cousin and her family and he was able to play with Bailey and Brayden. He really enjoyed that.

The trip took us about 16 hours to make. Three and a half hours of that time was spent stopping to eat and rest. So we did really well on time. I was impressed since we were caravaning and had three kids two and under to contend with as well as an eight year old and five adults.

I will post again either tonight or tomorrow as we need to get ready to go to the funeral.

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