Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spicer's Apple Orchard

Asa had received a certificate for a free donut and cider from Spicer's Orchard, so for Eli's birthday trip we headed there. The boys enjoyed their donuts. YUMMMMMM!!

After eating the yummy donuts and drinking the yummy cider, we headed outside to explore.

The corn box was pretty fun until the boys got frustrated with it trying to make "corn" castles.

Eli enjoyed 'driving' the train while Asa rode in back.

The Ark playscape was fun too.

They had the most fun on the tube slides though. Even daddy and Trisha joined in on that fun.

Trisha even tried the mini zip line.

Then they found the actual sand box and Asa went to town digging a hole.

More fun playing on the playscapes.

Time to get to work driving the big farm equipment.

Asa is finally understanding how to peddle. He really enjoyed riding the tricycle around.

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