Monday, November 28, 2011

VBS Night 4 - The Last Night

Lining up outside before VBS starts.

Offering Time . . . Who will win?

Uh-oh, I have a sneaking suspicion that the girls are going to win for the third night in a row.

Yuppers the girls won.

This night the pastor got the pie in the face!

Yeah the cream flew all the way to the piano behind them.

Time for the skit and to find out what happens.

The big kids playing the games.

The K4&5 at the "Trading Post!" Picking out things with the "money" they had earned each night.

Made it out for the 3rd and 4th grade kids games.

Then it was time for the message and special musical selection.

Handing out that night's prizes as well as the overall prizes.

Enjoying a snack before it's time to head home.

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