Friday, October 1, 2010

Zoo Trip 12 - John Ball Zoo - Grand Rapids - Part 3

After the lions, we headed over to see the Chimpanzees. They were inside and were they ever full of mischief. The one kept throwing things at the other and instigating a chase. It was so fun to watch.

Next we headed to the reptile house. They have this exhibit with a cat that looks so much like a typical house cat but it is actually a wild cat from Mexico. I don't remember the name.

Eli was fascinated by the turtles. Before leaving, we headed back to the aquarium and Asa was watching the shark swimming near the top.

Heading out of the aquarium, the rain had stopped and we also noticed a trail we didn't take the last time we were at this zoo. So glad we took this route because there was a lot more to see. Lemurs.

A play area, just wish it wasn't so wet from all of the rain.

There was a small farm area that I didn't take pictures of but best of all was the bird exhibit. I bought two seed sticks and we all went in. These birds were very friendly. They were eager to receive the seed. It was so much fun.

They were landing all over us, up and down the arms, on our heads.

Asa decided he didn't like the birds flying around and I let him stand in the exit area.

One of my up close of the birds and the other fellow wanted my lens cap.

Eli really enjoyed the birds and was even trying to get them to come to the stick.

Also we got to see this beautiful scenic area.
Chris was pretending to throw Eli in the water.

Then we stopped by the frog house. I didn't realize how chilly it was until we went inside and my lens instantly fogged up.
In spite of the rain, it was an awesome day.

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