Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Zoo Trip of 2010

The wolves were out and very active. They are such beautiful animals. I love how white their coat is in the winter months although spring was fast approaching at this time. Here are some of my favorite shots that I got of them.

The ostrich was almost close enough to touch, not really but as close as it could get in the enclosure.

One of the best sights ever is seeing my hubby with my boys. They just look so darn cute together like this.

The goats looked so cute just lazing around. Usually they are the ones we see up and active.

One of the snow leopards was actually inside. I'm hoping to see a baby this summer since they have done 3 rounds of artificial insemination on the female.

The tiger was sleeping on our first pass by him.

The lion put on a good show of trying to get at the little ones through the glass. I didn't get any good shots of it though.

Asa watching the lemurs being fed.

Eli loved it when this lemur came up to the window.

Cute lemur.

The tiger is yawning but still look at the size of those teeth. They may look cute and cuddly at times but they are still a wild animal and I by no means want to be in one's path.

One of the Red Panda's there hoping to have babies some time this spring/summer at the zoo. Let's hope we get to see some of the cute baby animals this summer.

Eli up on daddy's shoulders. The prime spot for animal watching.

I learned something new. We actually have poisonous snakes in MI. This here is a rattle snake that is native to the area but they are prone to the deep woods so not likely to see one of these guys in the suburbs.

We actually saw a penguin swimming in the water for the first time, on this visit.

Eli checking out the llamas.

It's official we have now seen the camels in all four seasons. Here they are with their winter coats on to help in the cold weather.

The arctic fox all snuggled in the log.

Eli became enamored by his reflection or maybe it was the bubbles in the otter exhibit, I'm not really sure.

Lastly, we went into the aquarium area where we found Dori.

We found Nemo and his dad, as well.

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