Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Drayton Plains Nature Center

Our adventure this week consisted of us going to the Drayton Plains Nature Center down in Waterford, MI. I have been researching nature centers in Michigan and since we do not have any Huntington National Banks close to our house (the closest is Waterford), Chris and I have decided to use this as an opportunity to do some sightseeing and leisure activities. I have found several places that I would like to visit and all have a bank nearby or at least on the way to the sight. I know many of you are saying why don't you just mail your payment, well I did that for about three months, the first two months were fine then the third month I mailed it out about two weeks before it was due and it did not reach the bank until about two weeks after the payment was due. So instead of paying the $35 late fee for it being late, I have decided to spend the $8-$10 in gas to drive it there. Thus the reason for our adventures this summer. Stay posted to see more of our trips.

Asa and Eli in the stroller happy to be out in the fresh air. As we walked around we came across this bridge - I don't think I would trust it enough to actually use it. It definitely looked like it has seen better days although I think this pic does not truly show how rickety it was. Another sight along the trail was this tree. This branch that crosses the river is actually one gigantic limb. I was astounded when I realized that it was one huge limb of the tree. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Asa had fun walking around towards the end of our little walk. He loved running down the path and pointing to all the different things that he saw (well he pointed to everything even while in the stroller.) Eli took a little snooze as we walked around the ponds.

We saw plenty of ducks along with six ducklings and we saw some geese. We saw a few other birds let's see what were they - some gold finches, red winged blackbird, lots of robins and my husband saw a crane. I was disappointed to not have seen this bird.

Asa was unsure of looking at the Black Rat Snake (man was that thing long) but he enjoyed looking at the turtles.

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